The Baltic Sea in Winter

beach at bansin in the winter

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I headed up to Usedom, an island in the Baltic Sea, for a visit. My first question was, “What do you do in Usedom in the winter?” It’s a popular resort area in the summer and people crowd to the beach as soon as the weather gets hot. It was much quieter in the winter, but there were still a few people around. There are a lot of lovely towns and cities on the island and it’s a great place to walk around. The icy beaches were beautiful. I come from a slightly warmer coast, so it was something special to see.

winter beach landscape

icy baltic

ice floating in the baltic sea

tree roots
I like to take pictures of trees

dormant tree

typical Baltic style house
This style of house is traditional in the area. Note the straw roof. This one looks fairly new and is probably built to look old, but it’s still interesting.

old stone church in koserow
An old stone church in Koserow

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