Thai Chicken Pie


I made this a few weeks ago, but forgot to post about it, but since I’m a bit short on material, I’ll post about it now!

This might look like any other pie, but don’t be fooled. This is no ordinary pie! First off, it’s a meat pie. I first started making meat pies before Christmas using this excellent page on Medieval cookery as a guide. After a while, however, I thought that there must be more that could be done with a meat pie than the traditional ingredients and spices. I’d heard of curried pies, so I tried my hand at making a Thai Curry pie with some leftover red curry chicken I had in the fridge. I still used the instructions in the page I provided above as my guideline, but I threw in lemongrass, red chili peppers, grated ginger, coconut milk, some of the red curry sauce left over from the chicken recipe (available here for reference) and rice. I served it with leftover red curry sauce, and when that ran out it was pretty tasty with some Thai sweet and sour sauce I had in the fridge.

If anyone is curious, I also boiled the bones and the very last hints of meat to make this Thai chicken soup recipe. I got a lot out of that chicken!

*Note* I just use a basic pastry recipe for my pie crust. I usually use that crisco provides, but I use lard instead of shortening (I can’t find shortening that doesn’t have palm oil in it). If you’re gluten intolerant, there are also a number of great gluten free pastry recipes on the net. I recommend the one that Gluten Free Girl has on her site.

4 thoughts on “Thai Chicken Pie

  1. This looks so good! Here is my hand for you to shake! Its fab to see other people getting creative with great British food! And taking it to new lands! Our life is dedicated to bringing great British food to the people of NYC. If you have time check out our blog. I think you might like our post on how to make a good British pie.

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