Valentines Day 2012

It’s that day again. To be honest, I love Valentines Day. I’m single, and to be honest, I’m not totally happy with that. But that doesn’t mean that I hate Valentines Day, or feel lonely and needy because I’m not in a relationship at this moment. Love doesn’t have to mean ‘relationship’, and it’s important to appreciate yourself as well. I have been a cynic in the past, but I’ve re-embraced that part of me that’s a hopeless romantic. I still dislike a lot of the commercialism that goes into the day, but the idea of on day all to itself to celebrate love is inspiring. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or not; there are all kinds of love in the world. You can celebrate with a significant other, your close friends, family, or even show a bit of love to yourself. I hate a lot of the negativity about Valentines Day. If you hate commercialism, fine, but don’t hate the idea of a day to celebrate love. If you hate relationships, why not celebrate the bonds you have with your best friends? I’m on my own today, but I’ve had such an amazing evening. I cooked myself a prime cut of steak, made sweet potato mash, and bought a tiny bottle of champagne and some truffle cheese and chocolate truffles. I also did an at-home manicure and facial while watching movies I love. I push myself pretty hard between working, studying and doing artsy stuff, so I thought it was a great opportunity to show a little love towards myself!

(My dinner, via dodgy phone pic)

Anyway, to all you cynics, I think you should consider a change of heart. To all the lovers and optimists, happy Valentines Day! Love you all!

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