Link Sauce #2

As I’ve been knocked out with the flu all week, I haven’t really done much interesting that I can share with you. I didn’t leave my house on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and only did so today for a bit and it totally exhausted me. I’ve lived off a steady diet of water, healing tea, ramen and oranges. I did manage to write a bit (not a lot) though, and I can recommend that you watch Lost Girl (which I was really proud to discover is Canadian…yay!). I also read a lot of stuff, so I thought I’d share another round of links!

1. A very inspiring editorial on mental illness via Huffington Post Canada

2. Literary criticism in the 21st Century via Time

3. 5 Real life places straight out of fairy tales via Cracked. I really want to visit some of these places. I’ve already been to Neuschwanstein. The hoards of tourists somehow made it much less impressive.

4. Latest Game of Thrones Season 2 character photos via HBO. If you’re a fan, you’ve probably already seen them on Facebook, Twitter or everywhere else on the net, but since they’re awesome, I thought I’d share them again. Plus, here, they’re bigger. I love to see how the books come alive in the series. April 1 can’t come fast enough!

And, that’s all folks. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery!

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