The Purge: Makeup Edition

Makeup Purge
Revel in my Warhol-esque photo editing skills

Once upon a time, I had a small problem with buying cheap makeup and personal care products. I’d go into DM or Rossmann with the best intentions of sticking to my shopping list of organic pasta, floor cleaner, and cat food and somehow I’d still end up with body lotion, eye shadow, and an assortment of glittery nail polish colours. I even wrote about it once back when I was young and silly. I vowed to stop it because it was a waste of my money and space, the products mostly sucked, and buying that junk is terrible for the environment. I kept my end of the bargain, but you wouldn’t have known it by looking at my makeup storage space. If my makeup area was a city, it would have been a post-apocalyptic wasteland with mostly junk and horror left behind.

Now, I know you’re supposed to throw out makeup regularly, but seriously, who throws out lipstick after six months? No one, that’s who. I had a whole drawer of lipsticks and other assorted gunk, and I rarely wore any of it, so I decided it was time to deal with the aftermath of my 20-something makeup habit. I needed to do a purge, and I had to be harsh. At first, I tried to inspect everything in the drawer and toss everything that smelled funny or looked weird. Still, that left a lot of goo, so I actually sat down and tried everything on. Now, my skin kind of hurts, but I threw out some things I liked in theory that didn’t actually look good on my face. As much as I want to be the girl who can pull off teal green eyeshadow, I am not that girl. It was time to stare into the mirror and live up to that fact.

One day, I will condense the makeup desk into a single small drawer. That day lies somewhere in a distant, better future, but I can still hope.

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