Pete Seeger: An Inspiration

Pete Seeger
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

So, Pete Seeger passed away yesterday. The man has been a huge inspiration for me over the past year or so. Although he lived quite a long life, I still feel sad about his passing.

What I find so inspiring about him isn’t just his music (which acted as a gateway to a lot of other folk music), but the fact that he never, ever gave up. He fought for his ideals right until the end. He never gave in and he never grew out of them. He didn’t even let McCarthy and the House of Un-American Activities keep him down. He believed in peace, freedom, justice, and equality for everyone, and he held that music could change the world. He was still performing well into old age and he never stopped making music.

We need more Pete Seegers in this world. He should be a role model for all of us.

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