Cleaning The Fridge

Cleaning the fridge is one of my least favourite chores. I hate cleaning in general, but the fridge is a special case. It scares me, because I know I’m going to find something unpleasant in there. Something like a quarter-full, moldy can of coconut milk sitting on the top shelf in the back. Or worse. Unfortunately, it’s also one of those chores that is entirely necessary. For one, if you leave it, it doesn’t go away; it just gets worse. Much, much worse. Also, cleaning out the fridge helps make produce and other fresh ingredients last longer, and as I try very hard not to waste food, that’s a positive thing in my books.

Today I buckled down and cleaned out the fridge. It wasn’t horrible…a few scary things but overall scariness was kept to a minimum. Since I’ve started waging my little war on food wastage, I’ve been fairly conscious of finishing things I make, buy, and open. I’m also usually pretty aware of what’s in my fridge and when I made or bought it. I might start using post-its to put dates on things, but overall I’m pretty good at remembering on my own.

I’ve resolved to clean the fridge once a month. I know I should be doing this anyway, but it’s one of those household tips I sort of forgot about until I started using Pinterest*

*Pinterest is slowly changing my life. My mom lives on a different continent, but Pinterest manages to serve as a surrogate reminder of all those things I should be doing around my house and when I should do them.

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