A Positive Experience With Deutsche Bahn

Generally, if you live in Germany, you know that customer service isn’t what it is in English speaking countries. Most companies have employees who are generally unhelpful, seem rather cross that you’re asking them a question, unfriendly, and who act as if they are doing you the biggest favour in the world for providing you with some sort of service. Normally, on most of these counts, DB is ok, but they do tend to be on the unfriendly and unhelpful side. So, a friend and I were pleasantly surprised tonight when the employee working on our train was helpful, friendly, and overall kind. First off, we had the wrong tickets for our bike. She understood, and told us for next time which tickets we needed, and was nice about it. However, the big deal was how she dealt with these drunk guys in our car. Our car was full of these guys going to Berlin for a bachelor party, and they were really obnoxious. There were lots of free seats, and they thankfully found ones away from us (originally). After a while though, they decided to come sit across from us and would NOT stop trying to talk to us. We couldn’t get rid of them and we didn’t want their attention, so when she came around to check tickets, we asked nicely if she could help us out. She firmly asked them to sit elsewhere because we wanted to be left in peace, and while they tried to argue with her, she would not leave until they moved. She managed to be firm, professional and helpful to us at the same time. Good job, Deutsche Bahn, good job. Hire more people like this! It’s always nice to know that good customer service sometimes does exist in Germany!

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