House Plants 101: Succulents

As good as I am at gardening, I can’t seem to keep house plants alive. I have two problems, winter and my cat. In winter, I tend to forget that plants exist because everything outside in Berlin looks so dead (Berlin is unfortunately low on evergreen trees and plants), and I often forget to water my house plants. Barring that, my cat will eat anything with somewhat edible leaves. I do like to have living things around me though, so as a solution, I started getting succulents. They require very little water, and the leaves are too thick to interest the cat. I’ve started planting them in vintage dishes and cookware. I used decoration rocks at the top to help it look more attractive.

Succulents In Pot


If you can’t keep plants alive, I highly recommend you try succulents. You only need to water them about once a month in the winter and every few weeks in the summer! They store water in their leaves (which is why they’re so thick). Popular succulents include:
-Jade plants

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