Will “A Storm Of Swords” Be Split In Two…

…in HBO’s Game of Thrones? I’ve been curious, for a few reasons. For one, in a few publications the book itself is split in two, so it can be split effectively. Secondly, so much happens in the third book, and I think the show might even be better for it if it were split, because then the writers don’t have to skimp on details. Lastly, it would buy a year for George RR Martin to finish Winds of Winter in time for Season 6 (I guess in that way, it would be Season 7).

A few reasons it might not happen though: first off, some events from book 3 seem to be leeching into Season 2. I wont give any spoilers for those who haven’t read the book and want to keep up with the show, but those who have will know what I’m talking about. Second off, the ages of the children characters might be an issue. If it’s too spread out, they might not be children anymore! 

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