It’s A (German) Holiday!

I recently finished exams and am currently freelancing, so public holidays don’t mean much to me other than the fact that I can’t run over to the store if I run out of milk, but today is Christi Himmelfahrt. I think this is Ascension in English, though since we don’t have this holiday in Canada I’m still not quite clear on what it celebrates. I googled it once and it has something to do with Jesus arriving in heaven, and thought “wow, it took a long time for him to get there.” I guess that, when Christianity spread through Europe, they had to replace a lot of spring Pagan festivals, though don’t quote me on that one…

…Anyway, for many in Germany, it’s a day off. It’s also Fathers Day as well, though I always call up my dad on Fathers Day in Canada, as he has no idea about German customs. If you have a day off, or you’re a father, enjoy the holiday!

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