From 2004-2008, I kept a blog on LiveJournal. I abandoned it after that, because I fell out with the idea of blogging for a while, and when I got back into it I discovered the joy that was WordPress, which is a lot more powerful as a blogging tool. I kind of forgot about my LiveJournal for a while, but the other day a facebook friend posted this LJ converter tool, and wanting a PDF of my old LiveJournal of my very own, I got to the task of trying to remember my username, password and the email I had logged in with (it wasn’t as easy as you’d think).

So, I’ve been reading my old LiveJournal blog PDF over the past couple of days. I wont post it here, and I wont post the blog either. I started it when I was 20 and so far it seems a little full of residual teen/early 20s angst to make public. However, I am enjoying reading snippets of the person I used to be at that age. She’s a lot like me, only younger, more naive and less sure of herself.

What were you like 8 years ago?

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