Fresh Air

There’s not much that can compare to the joy I feel when I’m outside in spring and summer. I enjoy a lot of things in life in different ways; I feel a sense of peace when I sing, I feel content when I cook, I feel like I’m accomplishing something when I sew, I feel like I’m creating little worlds when I write, etc. When I’m outdoors in the sun, I feel happy and at peace. The warmer it is, the happier I feel, but even this time of year, when it’s still cool, I feel that hint of the joy a warm summer day brings me. In 10 days, it will be the spring equinox, and the days will become longer than the nights, and with it will come outdoor sports, gardening and reading on my terrace outside. Just thinking about that makes me feel optimistic!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Air

  1. So true. I wish it was more often sunny here in Ireland (in fact I find it somewhat depressing at times) but I think that it makes me enjoy the sunny days that much more when they do arrive.

    1. For sure…on the west coast of Canada it’s a lot rainier and cooler, and I think that might be part of why I love the sun so much!
      One great thing about Ireland (and home as well) is that it’s so green, so even when it’s cloudy there’s a richness to the landscape. I feel like Berlin is so grey when it rains.

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