House Plants 101: Snake Plants

Snake Plant

A lot of people think they can’t take care of house plants. I’ve even had friends who have claimed to be unable to keep a pet rock alive. There are several types of plants that require minimal care, but one of the easiest I’ve found is the snake plant. They are super hardy, and very difficult to kill. I’ve gifted a few of them to friends over the years, and they are all still alive. If you forget to water them? No problem…as long as you water it at all, it will still live. Despite what the website I posted said, I’ve also found it difficult to overwater. I even keep some in vases with rocks and water (see tutorial below). They don’t require a lot of fertilizing, they can withstand most lighting conditions, and they are pet friendly. I have a cat that will eat almost any plant, so I have to make sure all house plants are not poisonous to cats (there is a great list here on the SCPCA’s website if you are unsure of this), or inedible. The thick leaves make them unattractive for Petzi to chew on, so he leaves it alone.

Tutorial for snake plants in vases:

Keeping snake plants in vases makes them extra easy to take care of them. You just have to top up the water, and add some liquid fertilizer every once in a blue moon. If they dry out, they’re not likely to die. Just a quick tip: if you have hard water, you may want to filter your water first. In Berlin we have very hard water, and it leaves a chalky ring on the vase. I also tend to throw in some liquid, natural pesticides like neem oil from time to time, because still water loves to breed pests. Every once and a while, it’s also a good idea to take everything out and give it a good rinse, for the same reason (this also keeps stuff like algae from growing).


You’ll need a snake plant with several sections to it. I divide up the sections and put them in vases. This plant in the picture is my main plant. I keep it in a pot in soil in my bathroom, and new shoots come up from it all the time. You can let these grow and the plant will get bigger (though will probably stop at some point if it’s in a limited-sized container), or you can divide it like I’m doing to get more plants in your home, or gift them.
You’ll also need a vase, and some rocks (just plain ones, or decorative ones if you like. Gravel also works). I got both of these at Ikea.


Next, you’ll want to take the plant out of the pot, grab one of the sections, and just divide it. It’s pretty easy and since these plants are pretty tough, it’s not likely to hurt it. You’ll get a single, smaller plant that looks like this (some roots should come off with it).

Snake Plant 3

Then you want to rinse off the roots, because you’ll be able to see the dirt in the vase and it will look ugly. Rinsing it off makes it nice and pretty.

Snake Plant 2

Lastly, just throw the section of plant in a vase, and fill with rocks. Make sure it’s straight or it will look funny (I couldn’t hold it up straight and take a pic at the same time).

Mind the care instructions I gave above, and you should get a nice looking plant arrangement that’s super easy to take care of!

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