A Cashmere Sweater Finds a New Life

A few years ago, I got this cashmere sweater at a clothing swap. It had been shrunk and the owner didn’t want to wear it anymore. I always wore it around the house, but I managed to shrink it just a little bit more so it didn’t quite match up with whatever bottoms I was wearing, which isn’t so good for staying warm around the house in winter (my stomach was exposed). Also, it had a few holes at the bottom of the sleeves. Still, I like grey because it goes with everything, and it’s a really nice cashmere fabric, so I decided to give it a new life as a cardigan. I used some lace to make an interesting sleeve (which I can take off later if I get sick of the look) and some vintage shell buttons I’ve had FOREVER that came in a box of mostly random buttons my grandmother gave me about 10 years ago.

Here’s the original sweater:

And here’s the cardigan:


You’ll have to excuse my photography skills…taking better photos is something I’m still working on, as is photo editing in Gimp (just so used to Photoshop!)

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