Guitar Strings to Bangles


I’ve always thought there was -something- that could be done with used guitar strings. At first I thought wire jewelry, but they don’t stay bent that easily. I figured it out though…fabric-covered bangle bracelets! You can use wire for these as well, but I like the guitar strings because they keep their shape easier.

The tutorial:

You need one thicker guitar string (E, A, D….G will work but it’s kind of cutting it close), some electrical tape, wire cutters, scissors and some fabric (a light silk or cotton or something like that works best):

First, trim the ends off the strings:

Second, wrap into a circular shape…make sure it’s even, and trim the ends when you’re done. Also, make sure your circle will actually fit over your hands!

Use the electrical tape to hold the string together…I found that it wasn’t so lumpy when I taped all around the strings, and it was easier to work with and made a slightly thicker bangle:



Next, cut your fabric into a long strip, and start winding it around the bangle:


Lastly, tie in a knot, and trim the end off (leave a bit of a “tail” otherwise it will come undone!)


8 thoughts on “Guitar Strings to Bangles

    1. This is exactly what I’m using. I kept my cello strings last time I restrung him, thinking they had to be useful for something. Thanks, daniemarie for giving us something to do with them! :3

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