I suck at blogging

I really do…

Despite being in an exceptionally bad mood today (electrician drama), I’ve managed to chill out through the power of singing and planting seeds. I did a round of planting mid-February with semi-disappointing results. I think it was slightly too cool and too dark (even inside) for success. Still, I got a few tomato plants, basil plants and bell peppers out of the effort. I think the lettuce was still too dark and cool (and might do better just straight in the ground and not in peat pots), and the cucumbers and parsley were bad seeds (because they failed to grow anything last year either.) I bought new parsley and cucumber seeds and got together all the chili peppers that I’d ordered from the UK and got to work.
I planted:
-new tomatoes (I didn’t get as many as I’d hoped so far, and also I don’t like the variety I planted before so far. I know they’re just seedlings, but they seem kind of wussy, so I bought the same ones I did last year instead.)
-thai dragon peppers
-jalepeno peppers
-scotch bonnet peppers (aka insanity peppers)
-purple tiger peppers (might plant more of these because they’re beautiful looking plants as well. I like their leaves a lot)
-strawberries (I failed to water the last ones I’d planted, they didn’t grow)
-sweet williams
-some flower I planted last year that I really liked. I don’t know what it’s called in English.

I’ll try the lettuce again when it’s a bit warmer outside straight in their containers. It seems to come up really quickly anyway. I also want to do sweet peas and I have scarlet runners, but I think those will work better if I just plant them directly where they’re supposed to go.

I admit, this is a double-post from my other, more general blog. But I thought I’d share here too because it related to the subject of this one as well. Pics will follow when I have something coming up that looks like plants.

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