German Video of the Week: Zombies in Berlin (A Movie Trailer)

Last night, as I saw a smartphone zombie approaching me from the other direction of the sidewalk, it occurred to me that Berlin would be a really cool setting for a zombie movie. Then, I remembered that this movie already happened six years ago, and that I’d rather enjoyed it. “Rammbock” (a.k.a. “Berlin Undead” and “Siege of the Dead”) doesn’t reinvent the wheel and like most low-budget horror movies, the acting can be embarrassing at times, but I still recommend watching it if you can find it. It includes a few creative twists on the zombie genre tropes, which I won’t name here because that would sort of spoil the movie. I also loved that it stayed a little true to the place. Because gun ownership isn’t common here, they couldn’t just shoot their way out, which is usually the solution in other zombie shows and movies. The writers could have given them guns anyway, but I like the fact that they didn’t.

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