Dear Autumn: I’m Not a Fan

It’s that time of year again: my Facebook feed is filling up with all things fall and the blogsphere is waxing poetic about autumn. If the Internet is true to life, then fall is almost everyone’s favourite season. I don’t understand it at all.

I’ve always been a summer child. I was born in summer, after all. Each year when the spring equinox rolls around, I feel like a weight is lifted from my shoulders. The autumn equinox, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. It’s just a reminder that things will be dark and cold for the next half year, and I don’t like it at all.

Many people like fall because of the colours of the changing leaves. I do see the beauty in it, but it also feels a little bit sad to me because I know the leaves will fall soon and nature will go to sleep for a few months. Spring is also a colourful time of year, and the tulips and daffodils that peek out of the ground carry the promise of growth, greenery, and warmer weather. To me, both times of year are beautiful, but one is more of a melancholic beauty and the other is a joyful kind of beauty.

I don’t like fall clothes. In all my years on this earth, I’ve never truly mastered knitwear and layering. I feel more comfortable in light fabrics and bright colours. Give me a silk sundress over a wool coat any day. I also feel like spring and summer fashion is a lot more low-maintenance. I don’t need to spend extra minutes layering on coats, scarves, gloves, and hats every time I go out; I can just slip on a pair of ballet flats and walk out the door. I’d be happy to never look at another pair of boots again if it meant that I could always be that lazy and still stay stylish.

I get why most people are happy about the end of hot summer weather, but I don’t share that feeling. My ideal temperature is around 27 degrees, so cooler weather means less comfort. BBQs and weekends at the beach are always things I miss around this time of year. Plus, fall is really dark. Why do people want to trade bright, long days for short, dark ones?

The season isn’t a total loss. Thanksgiving and Halloween are always lots of fun, and pumpkins are in season. Still, I’ll be patiently awaiting spring.

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