Why You Should Pack at the Last Minute

I have a conflicted view of moving. On one hand, most of my moves were vast improvements from where I lived before, in one way or another. I moved out on my own after having roommates, I moved into nicer places, or moved to new cities to do new things. On the other hand, I’ve always hated the process with a passion. I’m a bit like a cat, and I like my space to be settled. Stir things up, and I’ll be depressed for weeks afterwards until I get used to it. 

I’m not moving, but someone is moving in with me. It’s a lovely thing to happen, and it’s a great idea in the long run. HOWEVER, the process feels very much like moving, and it’s driving me insane. I was talking with a friend yesterday, and she told me how she always leaves packing and moving stuff until the last minute, and it got me thinking. All of my easiest moves were last-minute affairs. I got a few friends together over the weekend, threw everything in boxes, hired a U-Haul, cleaned, and ordered pizzas. All of my worst moves were ones where I tried to plan ahead and packed over weeks. 

If you’re anything like me and you need a place to be settled into, move at the last minute. It will be hectic and painful, but you’ll be better off. As my friend said, each day of moving sucks equally, and by drawing it out, you’re drawing out the suck factor. 3 weeks of packing and preparing is 3 weeks of sucking. 3 days of doing the same, no matter how much more hectic it is, is only 3 days of sucking. 

Seriously people…take my advice. It will change your life. 

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