A Perfectly Average March Day in Berlin

One thing I notice is that the longer I live in Berlin, the more “average” my life gets. I don’t mind this; in fact, I kind of like it. I still try to go to exhibitions and concerts, and enjoy traveling, but it’s nice to balance that out with a quieter sort of life. I work, spend time with my friends and boyfriend, cook food, and run errands. It’s 18-year-old me’s worst nightmare, but current me loves it.

Anyway, here is my day in all its averageness!


Unfortunately, my MacBook died today. I don’t know what is wrong with it, but it won’t boot up. I think I’ll have to reinstall the system, because I think it’s not recognizing an operating system. We’ll see I guess. For now, I’m working on my Windows computer, which I totally hate. Yes, this is a big first world problem, but I miss my normal computer.


I had to take my cat to the vet today. He’s nearly 19 years old, and I thought I found a lump in his side. He’s fine. It turns out it’s his rib, which sticks out a bit due to the fact that he’s elderly and has no muscle tone, and his fat sort of droops rather than sits on his body. The vet says he’s in great health for his age, which is good to hear.


I saw this cool Robot street art on the way home from the Vet. I thought I’d take a pic.


Petzi sat like a miserable lump on the floor after the “ordeal” of going to the vet, but the second he thought he’d get some food, he was perky again.


We watched Star Trek in the evening. We had bets that this guy was going to die, as he’s a random actor in a red shirt (they always kill off random actors in red shirts). Luckily for him, another random actor in a red shirt died.

That’s all, folks!

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