Looks Aren’t Everything

After this week’s episode of Girls, I was left wondering how Hannah’s (Lena Dunham) fling with the handsome doctor would be received by the media. I figured, judging by previous controversy over how Lena Dunham shows her body, that it would cause a bit of a storm.

Hannah is deeply flawed, but she’s also 24, and who isn’t still working out who they are at 24? She has a lot of great qualities. She is smart, funny, interesting, charming, and quirky, and if that isn’t enough to gain the attention of a handsome, successful man, I don’t know what is. I wish the media would stop focusing on looks alone and realize that there are many things that make a person attractive aside from how they look.

I read this article on Jezebel and was happy to see someone standing up for the episode. I really liked this piece, and thought it implied what I said above (though it never outright stated it).

For the record, I personally loved the episode. It was cute and quirky, and reminded me exactly of the kind of encounters you sometimes have in your early 20s. I also think Lena Dunham is cute.

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