Window Shopping

Dear Followers, Readers, and Friends,

I have a request for you!

A few years ago, I kept a blog called “Window Shopping”. Some of you might remember it, and some of you might remember a few posts I’ve made on this blog recently about window displays and retail styling. Basically, it was about window displays, mostly bad ones. I liked writing it a lot and I got good reception for it, but unfortunately it was too much to keep it up on my own, so I abandoned it.

I let Window Shopping go in 2008, but I still miss it. That’s why I’ve decided to make a new Window Shopping blog! Here’s where I need your help. In order to write the blog, I need pictures of window and retail displays. Since I work at home, I’m not out and about often enough to have regular content. I’d really appreciate if anyone can send me pictures! It can be something horrible, something crazy, something beautiful…it doesn’t really matter! If you see a display and think it warrants some sort of comment, send it over with the city the picture was taken in (I don’t need shop names, and I likely wont be naming any names unless I praise it). Phone pics are ok, as long as they’re clear. I’ll give you full credit, and link to your blog, website, and/or social media profiles. Once I have enough content to get going, I’ll post them and comment on them.

If you see anything you would want in the new Window Shopping, email it to

Let’s make Window Shopping happen!


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