Dodgy Phone Pics Of Recent Projects

It’s cold season, and I’ve had a few sick days, but I’ve still managed to do a few projects. I admit though that I’ve been a bit lazy about photographing them, so you’ll have to deal with the dodgy phone pics I took to post on Facebook.

First, I had one of those granny shoppers, and it was falling apart. I’d always intended to make it snazzy somehow, but just never got around to it. I wish I got a “before” pic, but I forgot, so here’s the finished result, made from some russian doll fabric I found at the Turkish Market:


Second, we have the stocking and the Christmas cards I made, courtesy of Hipstergram:



Next, as I wrote in a previous entry, a few of my winter coats are in bad shape, especially this grey one (which also happens to go with everything). I took out the lining and used it as a pattern piece to make a new lining. I also took the opportunity to take the coat in a bit and fix a few seams. The end result is a flashy raspberry coloured lining that I think suits me much better:





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