The Story Of The Floor Melon


Gather round children as I tell you a (not so) amazing tale about how I got a melon for free.

I was at the Turkish Market with a friend looking at the offerings at one of the stand that offers cooked food (those spinach and feta pita things), when I noticed something by my feet. I picked up something large and green that looked like a cross between a honeydew and a watermelon. I looked around me; no fruit and veggie stalls were in sight. We were standing between the cooked food and flowers, with the bread guys on the other side. No one in the crowd appeared to be missing a melon. I hesitated at first; after all, I did find it on the ground. I decided to keep it, however, because it’s a melon and you don’t eat the skin anyway. I took my free melon home, and enjoyed its tastiness. And thus concludes the story of the floor melon.

I know, it’s a lame story, but getting a free large melon was the highlight of last Friday. Yep…

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