A few years ago, I had a blog called “Window Shopping”. The idea was that I would take pictures of window displays, and say what I liked and (often) didn’t like about them. I had a lot of pics of the truly terrifying. Sadly, that blog met its end, as I found it difficult to come up with several pictures dedicated to window displays every week, but I still like the idea. Recently, I went shopping with a friend, and took a couple of pics that I would have loved to use for Window Shopping if it still existed (though neither are of windows). I forgot about them, but found them again while scrolling through my phone today. Maybe I’ll come up with the occasional “Window Shopping” post every once and a while.

First off:


I love monochromatic looks, but I think it’s kind of a dangerous territory. You don’t want to be too “matchy”, but you do want your colours to go together. The hat on the mannequin to the right does not fall into this territory, sadly. I think it could potentially be ok if it weren’t the only pink item in either ensemble. I also think red leopard print should never, ever be made into a shirt; I’m on the fence on whether or not animal print should be coloured in the first place. It should certainly never be paired with a plaid scarf though. The tote bag with a picture of a real bag is quite terrifying. Overall, there are a lot of prints, textures, and colours going on here in relatively frumpy ensembles.


I found this dress, and took a photo. It’s just not quite as shocking in the pic, unfortunately. There are a lot of things I like about it. I love the pleats in the skirt, I love the lace, and I love the black collar. I just don’t love all of them happening at once in the same dress. Less is often more, designers.

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