Royal BC Museum

When I was growing up, we often drove down-Island to visit my Oma and my grandparents in Victoria. On those weekends, my mom often took me and my brother to the Royal BC Museum. It’s a place I remember fondly, and have been many times before; however, I haven’t had the chance to visit in the past 8 or 9 years. I thought this trip would be a good chance to stroll down memory lane.

Above all else, as an adult and seasoned museum-visitor, I was very impressed with the museum’s commitment to detail. Many of the displays are so realistic, you expect someone to walk into the “room” at any moment. Each object is carefully chosen and nothing is missing. The museum doesn’t just go for visual objects though; there’s also the imitation of candlelight, and many displays have sounds and smells added to give the full effect. The HMS Discovery, for example, smells like salt water and tar.

If you’re ever in Victoria, I highly recommend visiting this museum. It gives a very thorough overview of BC’s history, as well as the current natural and cultural landscape. It’s also very interesting and enjoyable to visit!


(The museum has a lot of detail regarding the destructive effects of European contact)

(Part of the “decades” exhibit…it’s scary when stuff you grew up with is in a museum!)

(A mock-up of a clothing shop)

(A mock-up of a kitchen)

(Display of a historic cannery)

(Gold Rush!)

(The museum is known for this giant, fake mammoth. Back in the day, you used to be able to go up to the mammoth, and there’s a pic of me standing under it as a small child.)

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