Places You’re Forgetting To Dust

I’m no Martha Stewart when it comes to cleaning, so I’m probably the last person to be giving cleaning tips, but hear me out. If you’re a neat freak, you’re probably thinking “You didn’t dust those places before? What a slob,” but I suspect there are a lot of people like me out there; people who understand the concept of keeping a clean home but who aren’t perfect at it. Lately, I’ve been a bit sensitive to my allergies. I’m not sure why; as far as I’m aware, I’m not allergic to pollen. Everything else I’m allergic to has been getting to me though. When I walk by someone smoking on the street, I feel the sudden urge to sneeze. I’m a bit sensitive to my cat (usually I’m desensitized). Worst of all, it seems to take only a speck of dust to make my eyes start watering and my nose to start running. I’ve been doing the usual; keeping up with dusting and regularly vacuuming and mopping the floor, but pesky dust seems to be lingering. I’ve really had to dust every corner of my apartment. I found it in the strangest places….places you’ve probably forgotten about too. So here it goes…if you’re not dusting in these places, you probably need to at some point!

On top of clothes hangers. This sounds crazy, and it probably applies more to people like me who have an open closet (or who just leave their closet doors open), but it’s totally true. While the items I wear more often were dust-free, I have some clothes I only wear occasionally, and their hangers were covered in dust.

The tops of picture frames. Yep, it’s a ledge, and dust collects there.

Your mattress. It’s full of dust. I found this great tip
on pinterest for cleaning your mattress. I try to do it every so often.

Inside light fixtures. You need to wash these sometimes. If you’re like me (short and have higher ceilings), you may need help with this.

Your curtains. You know that round vacuum attachment with the bristles on it? That’s totally for something. I know, right? I’m not joking…it really is! It’s for cleaning curtains…if you have dust allergies, you’ll want to start using it (if you’re not already).

The tops of your door frames. Another forgotten ledge.

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