Exams Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning, I have my first exam. It’s the first of five, and it’s a three-hour essay exam on Advertising and Brand Promotion. I’ve done lots of reading throughout the year, and I have an excellent memory and remember applicable readings from last year fairly well, but I still feel this urge to learn every last bit of information possible. I’m not a crammer and I wont remember any of it, so I’m trying to just fight the urge and stick to light review and reading articles in Harvard Business Review and this week’s Economist. I guess it’s more of a feeling I get out of guilt more than anything else. Throughout my academic life, I’ve always felt a bit bad that everyone else was cramming like mad and I was watching What Not To Wear and going over a few notes. I guess I shouldn’t, because I always put in consistent effort throughout the year (and still do).

Wish me luck!

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