Little Cherries

It’s a beautiful day in Berlin today! It’s 27 degrees out, though slightly hotter on my balcony (because of the location and the oiled wood reflecting the sun). That means it’s 2 degrees past the point where I feel “warm” (25 degrees). I’m loving it and though I have to be inside for a bit to bake something, I can’t wait to get back out there! It’s April so at some point (next week, according to the weather forecast) it has to cloud up, cool down and rain, so I’m trying to enjoy it now all I can, and hope this weather comes back soon. Studying in the sun is a blessing for my study time, and I swear my mind is sharper. I’m not one to feel sluggish in hot weather…the sun tends to make me energetic and happy.

I already have green cherries on my little potted pole tree. There are lots of them, and I can’t wait until they’re ripe and I can eat fresh cherries from the garden!

Snapped a pic with my phone.

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