Internet Detox

I did one this weekend. I wanted to take a step back and reduce the amount of time I spend online. Since I study online, write and work on the internet, computers are kind of a “must” in my life, but sometimes it’s nice to get away from them for a bit. I didn’t do a total technology detox because frankly, I didn’t want to. So I just decided to stay away from the internet for 48 hours.

It was nice. I did some crafts, cleaned my house, read a lot and went outside; all things I do on a regular basis, but I got to do more of them! I would highly recommend taking the occasional weekend off the internet and enjoying other things in life. It’s hard to imagine life without technology, but it did exist. I’m slightly too young and my parents were too interested in technology for me to remember a time without computers, and I don’t regret their existence at all (I can’t imagine typing out my work on a typewriter!) I do think it’s nice to remember that life can happen without them.

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