Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings and early afternoons. I usually like to eat a nice breakfast (one that’s a bit more indulgent than normal), watch a film or some TV, or read. Later in the day I might go to Mauerpark or to the Lake (in the spring and summer) or cook or do some crafts (autumn and winter), or some other relaxing activity, but the mornings are nice. It’s good, solid personal time. In Germany most businesses are shut on Sundays (except cafes and restaurants). It was something that really annoyed me when I first moved here, because I was in the habit of doing grocery shopping and other errands on Sunday afternoons. How, it’s become something I actually admire about this country. A lot of countries have lifted the restriction and shops are open on Sundays, but Germany mostly sticks to it. It means that most people you know will have a day off, and if you really need something a select few places are still open. It kind of creates a day of relaxation, and once you get into that mindset, it’s really nice.

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