A blast from the past- my Halloween costume

Those who know me know I’m very much a 21st Century girl. While I enjoy cooking, sewing and gardening, I’m still no ’50s homemaker, and I’m hardly a damsel in distress. For every part of me that loves tending the garden and cooking an extravagant meal, there’s another part of me that wants to cycle to Copenhagen, by myself. Sometimes though, it’s fun to let go of who you are and step into another role. Which is why Halloween is so fun!

I love costumes, and I decided this year that I wanted to play around with the 18th Century. Halloween is great for sewers, because it’s that one time of year where you can let loose and make something really wild and have an excuse for it. I forgot to wear the crinoline I made for it so it wasn’t as ‘poofy’ as I’d wanted it to be, and I ran out of time for sewing on lace and bows, but perhaps I’ll recycle the costume and finish those little details then.

Here is a shot of the dress in-progress:

And here is me wearing it at the Halloween party I went to:

I used a pattern to construct the dress, as I’m still learning pattern-making and I’m not familiar with the lines of these sorts of dresses. I used this McCalls one to be exact:
McCalls pattern

I may recycle the pattern and use the one with the long sleeves and go as the Snow Queen from the Hans Christian Andersen story another year. I may also recycle the costume itself, as it matches a pirate hat I have! Though, I dislike wearing the same costumer for any event twice.

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