A few tidbits from spring

I’ve been terrible at blogging lately! It was a fairly busy summer, and I was pretty busy with my internship, my family visiting, my cat’s illness and more. I finally got around to uploading all my pictures from the spring and summer though, so there are lots of posts to come! I found some stuff from spring as well. Because of exams I missed a few things!

To start off, I thought I’d just post a few pictures of some food I made this spring 0ver Easter weekend. Enjoy!

Over Easter weekend, my friend Adam and I decorated eggs. It’s something I haven’t done in years, but I think it’s good fun, even if you’re an adult. I got some pretty eggs, and ate egg salad sandwiches for ages:




Also over Easter, I made hot crossed buns. These are something I haven’t had in years, since I lived in Canada, and I really love them. Of course, not only are they not at all traditional in Germany, but also I’m allergic to wheat (not gluten intolerant though). So, I got out my trusty bread machine, since studying for exams left my strapped for time, and made some! I got the consistency of the icing for the ‘cross’ part wrong, but there’s always next year!



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