Hold tight, folks

hang in there cat
I’ve been very bad. I haven’t posted in about a month!
Lots of things going on here. Last week, I started an internship, and it’s full time for the summer. My parents will be here next week as well, so I’ve been sort of settling into a new pace of life (meaning, being busy for a change). I’m slowly starting to get back into a rhythm that I knew very well in high school. Back in those days I was somehow able to go to school and a million lessons and after school clubs, do my homework, write and play music, sew and keep my social life. I’m getting into that again, partly through sleeping a little less and picking my social engagements carefully, but also by wasting less time when I’m at home. TV is double tasked during meals and sewing!
Anyhow, I have some interesting things to post in the next while. I’m making some collars (as in shirt collars, not pet collars), and spats, and I may even get a tutorial up. I’ve also made a couple of fun pieces I want to post, and a garden update is long overdue (though I should probably weed it before I post any picks….it’s a little overgrown!)

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