Hi from London!

I’ve been sort of MIA lately….exams have sort of sucked up my time and I haven’t really done much of any proper cooking or sewing, and I left my garden in kind of an infant state. I hope it’s ok….a few days after I left Berlin, a huge cold spell struck, and I’m not sure if a frost happened or not but if it did I’m not sure the seedlings made it through that. I guess I still have time to do more seeds when I get back if they didn’t make it, but it’s harsh because that’s a lot of work (about 8 weeks of effort) gone. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it though.
Anyway, I’m in London for my exams, and the weather is great! I’m a bit high strung and stressed out though. My life kind of consists of studying and watching Dawson’s Creek, tweeting and making sets on Polyvore.

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