Arrested Development #1- Colouring

Hey inner children! Do you ever miss colouring? Remember the days when you’d pick up pencil crayons, or markers, or crayons and just go to town on some outlines of Disney characters? Would you be too embarrassed to do something like that now? Well, think again. Colouring doesn’t have to be just for kids. It can be a really relaxing hobby, and apparently visually artistic activity of any kind (even if it’s just colouring within some lines) can benefit your self esteem because of its decision-making qualities (what colours to use?) If you’d feel silly colouring in Aladdin and Cinderella, don’t worry….there are lots of more complicated colouring books out there, from ones depicting period fashion to intricate mandalas. And you can stick with pencil crayons and wax crayons if you like, but you could also consider using a more difficult medium, such as pastel.

Here are some links:

Have fun!

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