How does my garden grow?

Warning, image heavy!

I recently got really into gardening.  I have a rooftop terrace, so I have a big roof paradise planned.  So far, it’s still well in development.  I haven’t even gotten everything out of their jiffy pots yet but it’s well on its way.  I thought I’d share some pics of my plant babies!

Tomatoes: I have them in buckets right now, which I plan to decorate to make cuter:



More baby tomatoes:



Sprouting Bachelor Buttons:


Sweet Peas:

Bay Laurel:
The tomatoes grew really well.  I planted 12 Jiffy Pots with the idea that only half of them may grow (I’ve never grown them from seed before), and put 2 seeds in each pot.  Almost every single seed sprouted.  I’ve given several away already but am looking for homes for more.  I had a few runts as well that I’m hoping to catch up.  I figure if I have an excess of tomatoes I can give some to charity or something. If I get enough to make sauce I’ll post pics and recipes!
The key is to water everything daily. Tomatoes also like to have warm roots, which is why I didn’t put them in terra cotta pots.

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